Agile Eastern Europe Conference

27-28 April 2018, Kiev, Ukraine


About the Conference

This year we overstepped an important point — 10 years of Agile community in Ukraine. Ten years of mental shifts, deep learning, knowledge acquisition, gaining experience, transforming the way of work, from personal to organizational level.

A lot of efforts, but much more needs to be paid. We have to admit that breakthrough is possible only if we honestly rethink who we are and where we’re now.


From following rules to understanding their meaning.

From glamor certifications to everyday practicing.

From mission statements to doing what you state.

From trendy frameworks to essence values.

From using tools to mastering skills.

From doing to being Agile.


Let’s make this shift together with fearless honesty and joyful efforts. Toward being true Agile, not only doing some Agile, we are running our Season 8 Agile Eastern Europe Conference. Welcome aboard!

  • Engineering
  • Coaching
  • Enterprise
  • Offshore
  • Management


All the conferences were held in Kyiv (a.k.a. Kiev), Ukraine, which is nicely placed and easily reached to be a hub for Eastern European agilists


international guests

Business analyst, coach, executive, developer, first-timer, IT engineer, practitioner, product owner, manager, team lead, tester



Speakers from all over the world, а well-known industry professionals from U.S, Canada and Western Europe

Call for paper

The main focus of AgileEE Season 9 is on organizations and its culture and how it affects the success of agile transformations. We’ve been exploring agile in individual and team context quite a lot already, it’s time to move our point of view into the organization and its culture.

As always, we are looking for individuals who as hands-on experience with presented topic rather than presenting a pure theory. Case studies are always welcome highlighting both successes and, equally important, failures/learnings.

We welcome various formats: regular talk (30/45/60 min), mini-talks (5-15 mins), workshops, games, exercises – whatever works for you.

Key dates:

February 7: deadline for CFP

March 7: deadline for sending slides

Join us creating coolest and most useful agile conference of a 2018 year!



Ramada Encore Hotel

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