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AgileEE 2018 is going to sabbatical

AgileEE 2018 is going to sabbatical

Like jumping into the unknown, this news is both — challenging and cheerful: Agile Eastern Europe Conference is going to sabbatical!

This decision, sudden at first thought, has its backstory. In autumn 2017 we held Agile Business Conference — a conference of a new kind for Scrumguides and Ukrainian market. To organize it we even canceled Agile Coach Camp, planned for September, which wasn’t easy too.

The risky step in the new direction fulfilled all expectations and effort — Agile Business Conference went off with a bang! And it has also brought to notice that AgileEE, in its existing character, no longer brings the value that is expected to by the market and by the company.

To discourse of VUCA world and not to transform ourselves would be a lip service. While helping organizations to change, we evolve as organization as well, and know how unpleasant this process can be. However, as someone said, insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. That’s why we believe that the decision to cancel AgileEE in 2018 is well-taken — we want to challenge good old stability for the benefit of something fresh and meaningful.

This time the Scrumguides team will dedicate to collect ideas and inspiration: worldwide conferences and internal training that we are going to attend will help to expand horizons and create a new kind of event that will bring more value for people and organizations.

Let’s make this shift together with fearless honesty and joyful efforts. Toward being true Agile, not only doing some Agile, we are running our Season 8 Agile Eastern Europe Conference. Welcome aboard!

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All the conferences were held in Kyiv (a.k.a. Kiev), Ukraine, which is nicely placed and easily reached to be a hub for Eastern European agilists


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Speakers from all over the world, а well-known industry professionals from U.S, Canada and Western Europe